The Novel’s Villain
The Novel’s Villain

The Novel’s Villain

Magjang Ag-Yeog-I Doeda

RANK 278
276 Chapters 2.47M Views 6.17K Bookmarked Completed Status

The Novel’s Villain novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Credo. 276 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.

Important Update

Chapters up to 56 were divided into several parts by the previous translator. The new translators picked up where the previous ones left off, but started naming the chapter sequence number correctly.
The order of all chapters is correct as it is now, chapter number and title can be a bit confusing.


Lee Jin Woo once lived a dismal life.
He lived pitifully on a day to day basis in his five-pyeon studio filled with mold.

Then, one day, he died in a sudden fire.

When he wakes up, he finds himself inside a novel.
But there’s just one issue…
He had become the novel’s villain!

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  • Admiral_Leo 8

    Is there any romance in this

  • Pigeon 6

    is this guy an actual villain or it's just that mc thinks he's evil? Literally 90% of most popular "villain mc" books is just the latter - Can't really tell because "righteous protagonist" and "evil protagonist" tags just deny themselves

    Edited: 5mo
    • ur_Haru 1

      He is misunderstood as a Villain

      Edited: 3mo
    • _ASURAA_ 2

      The character in the story did horrible stuff but mc is good person with a little cunning and lazy personality he didn't even touched his bodyguard now tell me how's this a harem

      Edited: 4mo
    • Looog 1

      He is pure evil but not evil

      • NoteCrypticon 3

        this makes absolutely no sense.

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  • Marz383 5

    Its funny with the misunderstandings but at some point near the end I kinda skimmed through most of the chapters. Don’t get me wrong this provided genuine laughter but it was getting a bit too ridiculous for me.

  • 19Xskull 20

    Is it just me or is that cover a fan art of buff kira🤣

    • Skoliosis 21

      I'll take a potato chip... AND EAT IT!!!

  • PR3D4T0R14 1

    Can a moderator pls arrange the chapters in order especially in early stages. U need to read a bit of the chapter before u arrange it as it seems the numbering is wrong

  • Supreme_Lord 6

    I have read the first five chapters and he seems like he is afraid of everything. Will he change ?cause i don't like a s*ssy mc.

  • Choux 5

    I... I can't anymore it's quite good (at least for me) but the missing chaps... It disturbs me

  • Gargantua_Gargantua 1

    It feels weird, I understand the language yet I know it's not the one I learned. A lot of grammatical error but better than some translation where every sentence made me 🤮

  • UnbrokenSin 8

    I got to chapter 83 or 23? The chapters are weird, but in saying that, the novels weirder, like really weird, maybe it's the way it's written or just everything makes it weird, idk, if you want an mc that enters a novel as a villain and knows the future then there are many more novels better, for example villain the play of destiny or the villain wants to live, idk, maybe the plot is good but it's just written so odd that I can't get into it, tho I do like the concept, an mc with an actual powerful background is something I really enjoy, but again, this is an odd one, I just found it boring

    Edited: 11mo
  • UnbrokenSin 8

    This is written so very weirdly