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Off-topic comments confusion !!!

Mar 20, 2024

First, let's clarify the purpose of the platform;

The platform is an aggregator, it was built to connect the stories of many different cultures and to eliminate the confusion of distributed sources. In other words, its main purpose is to deliver novels to readers for free and to provide convenience by equipping them with the most advanced functions.

Of course, it is also equipped with comment and review functions so that readers can interact with each other. This means that as you are on a novel reading platform, you should share your comments about the novels. Because all users who prefer this place are together for this purpose.

We were never against off-topic comments, but the scope of the term "off-topic" is limitless. It can cause chaos if the level of off-topic comments is not adjusted well. In other words, discussions like "We are against the war in Ukraine" or "The movie Dune was terrible" or "I'm bored, suggest a game" should not be part of a novel reading platform.
Also, toxic conversations, sarcastic criticism, and other things that are irritating in daily life should have no place in a novel reading platform.

The comment "I want to read this novel, but I can't get time for it because of my exams, can you suggest something different, shorter and easier to read?" can be a very understandable comment, suitable for a level-headed off-topic comment and positively affecting communication between readers.

So when there is no categorizable topic, it is impossible to moderate it. It's impossible to list the topics that really shouldn't be talked about and make individual rules for each one, and it could go on forever. So off-topic cannot be categorized, and unfortunately when it is restricted, well-intentioned and ignorable off-topic comments will have to fall into this category. If some of them are allowed, when you try to block much worse ones, we will be forever confronted with the question "why hasn't that one been banned yet?" in reference to the other allowed off-topic comment.

So, please use our platform for its intended purpose. Read the novel and then discuss about it. There are many platforms where you can fulfill your daily chatting needs, choose one and satisfy your needs there.

Remember that this whole service is being offered to you for free, so at least try to pay a little respect to its rules.

PS: I'm working on a project where only the novel reading community can communicate with each other and it's not going to be completed anytime soon.

Mobile App is Now Available for Android OS

Oct 02, 2023

Hey folks,

Finally, I would like to introduce the mobile app.

It is now in open beta and available to all users. 

The app has been released on the Android platform for now. There is no version for iOS yet, but I am working hard on it.

Share your experiences and feedback with comments under this thread and let's make the app better.

Please make sure that you are using the app correctly and properly before suggesting anything. Do not repeatedly suggest a function that is already available or similar.


Let's clarify some application functions;

Offline mode;
* It can be activated from the novel menu on the library screen.
* The starting point selection means that it starts downloading the selected chapter and onwards.
* Offline mode feature is public, but supporters have unlimited access, while regular users can access it by spending LNC points. 20 LNC points can be obtained by watching rewarded ads.


The application is not hosted on the Play Store. So for now, you can only download and install the APK file for the Android OS.

If you previously installed the app via the Play Store, please uninstall and use it by downloading the APK file. The last properly working version is 1.9.9. If you are getting an error that prevents the app from working, please uninstall and download the APK file to access the latest version.

Visit website to download the mobile app.

Discord Server (Locked Publicly) & Subscription (Updated)

May 19, 2023

Unfortunately I had to lock the public part of the server, it will only be available for supporters. The requirements to join the Discord server no longer matter. I apologize to those who tried to join the server during this process. Actually I did my best, but I couldn't manage the trolls.

It was not something I could handle. Dealing with a lot of trolls and morons and tolerating them is not for me. Discord needs a team and resources and I don't have time to build this network. It's overwhelming enough to deal with both the website and the mobile app development.

No user is kicked off the server, you will be actively connected. Announcements will be done through the server. Please, please, please do not ask questions about public access to the server. With my current decision, it will not be public unless I organize a serious discord team.

Keep reading novels...

Become a supporter;

Well, the discord server will remain active so you can become a supporter. The #paid-subscription channel has the steps you need to follow. Make sure to set up a discord link on your profile page after you've completed the subscription process.

To access the Discord server:


Website Maintenance & Back Up

Apr 12, 2023

Attention please!

Due to a leak in the data center where our server is hosted, all virtual and physical server hard drives have been encrypted and formatted. This situation also affected us and caused our data to become unusable. It is NOT a direct attack on our website and server.

Due to the lack of responsibility of the data center, many customers like me are affected. Since we received backup service from the same company, the backup files were also unusable in the same way. The last backup on my personal disk was from 8 months ago and I was only able to recover the website with it. My biggest mistake was that I trusted the backups to be stored on the Cloud server.

Unfortunately, the user data for the last 8 months was completely lost. Accounts, libraries and reading records of users who registered during this period were gone. And it is not possible to recover them. As for the novels, the situation is simple, there are many copies on the web and it is possible to add them back to our website.

You may encounter blank chapter pages. "xxx novel missing", "xxx chapter page empty" Please don't make comments like that. I know all of them and I will update them all. Of course, this is a time-consuming process. You need to wait patiently.

Updated on April 17th

This thread will be regularly updated.

System Update June 3, 2022 (Advanced TTS)

Jun 03, 2022

Hello dear readers,

I would like to share with you the changes made with a small update released today.

In the advanced search and filtering page, a field is defined for you to enter the tags you want to exclude. In this way, you will filter the novels that you do not want to see in the results.

Since the browser-based TTS voice function does not work properly in every browser, I have been working on the development for a while to provide a permanent solution and finally I completed it.

This new version will work like you play an audio file on a player. Since it is browser independent, it will work in any browser that runs javascript.
Since the content of the novel chapters is quite long, processing the content and converting it into a single audio data would take time and consume resources. As a solution, the content will be divided into parts and the parts will be played sequentially on the player. As an advantage, you will be able to follow the paragraphs of the current track with autofocus on the screen while the audio track of the chapter is playing.

It has been defined to a novel section so that you can try and observe the feature.
Go to the episode page to experience it. (Limited time, will be removed later)

This new feature will only be available to subscribed supporters. Unfortunately I don't have enough server resources and extra effort power to activate it for all users.

If you have different suggestions or bug fixes apart from these issues, please share them in the comments section.


System Update May 9, 2022

May 10, 2022

Hello dear readers,

After the update launched last week, a lot of feedback was sent. After reviewing your feedback, I decided to post another update.

The changes made with the update are as follows;

♦ Added functions where you can change the background color of the dark mode and the colors of the accent elements (buttons, links, tags, etc.). You can see this feature on your profile page.

♦ When you select TTS voice type and rate, your settings are saved. You don't need to set it again at every page transition.

♦ The subscription service has been activated. We created an account on the Buymecoffee service. The integration process will be done manually. In the form you used while subscribing, please make sure to write your username and e-mail address that you used on the website (Do not share your information in the "Say something nice..." section, fill in the email and name fields at the top). You can see the subscription link and details on your profile page.

Some users have reported that the Text-to-speech feature is not working. I should point out that this feature is provided by the browser and I do not contribute any coding on this feature. It will work if your browser includes SpeechSynsthesis and supports all its functions, otherwise it will not work. In addition, since this feature is designed to voice short texts, it can never voice over long texts on chaptar pages. At this point, what I do is divide the chapter content into dozens of small parts and pass it to the TTS feature in a loop. Depending on your device's performance, browser permissions (does the device have access to audio hardware?), it will start reading texts by queuing this process. Otherwise it won't work again...
There are thousands of different devices and browsers on the market. I will never get a chance to test each one individually. I've already tested it on many iphone (11,12,13) and android (8~12) devices and browsers as far as I can get. It seems like the TTS feature not working is pure luck... Please try to understand this issue...

Thank you for your support!

System Update May 1, 2022

May 01, 2022

Hello dear readers,

I've been collecting feedback from you for a while and I've finally been able to release an update that fixes some minor issues.

♦ Updated dark mode colors and applied some interface improvements. Some interface updates were also made in Light mode.

♦ The dark mode lag issue when navigating between pages has been fixed.

♦ The text-to-speech function has been improved and made more stable. This feature works as much as your browser supports.

♦ More language options have been added to the feature that allows the content to be translated according to the language you choose on the novel section page.

♦ The user profile page has also been updated. You can see some statistics about your account on this page (the number of comments, the number of likes you receive, etc.)

♦ Fixed some minor server-based issues.

If you notice any other issues, please let us know below.

Additionally, we will be relaunching the premium subscription service soon. When development is complete, notification will be provided under this topic.

Additional information; Login with Facebook has been disabled because Facebook no longer accepts login requests made through this domain. Users logging in with Facebook, please create a new account via email or gmail and send me your username in your facebook account. I will migrate all your data to your new account. You can forward your information to [email protected] email.

Please follow the announcements to be informed about website developments.