The Academy’s Weapon Replicator
Chapter 66.1: Scout (1) Part 1

Scout (1)

"...My father?"

Upon reaching Constel, Aten shared with me stories about Enfer.

Surprisingly, it seems Enfer had visited Constel.

"Yes. It caused quite a stir for a while."

"...Hmm. I did sense some commotion."

I don't talk to anyone during classes, and I head straight to the training room after, so I'm somewhat behind on such rumors.

Aten's lips thinned slightly as he spoke.

"...So, he came without saying a word to his son?"

"Well, that's just his personality."

Azier probably didn't know either. Enfer is naturally reticent about his own affairs.

Aten blinked her half-closed eyes a few times, as if deep in thought.

"...Those two are somewhat alike."


"...Our dad and Frondier's father."


You're talking about Emperor Terst, Aten!

When you just say 'dad', I have no clue! Aten!

─Still, the story made sense.

I hadn't met the emperor as a player very often, but I had met him.

Emperor Terst was the epitome of 'dignified, strict, and thorough.' He was the stereotype you'd imagine when thinking of an emperor.

However, his coldness was excessive. Beyond cold, it was heartless. Enfer, at least, poured his love into Azier alone, whereas Terst showed no one his heart.

Elysia's rampage was partly due to Emperor Terst's influence.

Anyway, Enfer seems to be none of my concern for now. He probably came because of Azier, who is in charge of teaching. Enfer's love for Azier is beyond measure.

But I have something more urgent to consider.

"Besides, we have our finals coming up soon."

"That's right. Starting today, 'scouts' are allowed."

The final exams are starting soon, in about two weeks.

After the finals, the year's overall grades will be announced, and this will determine the success or failure of the mission Enfer gave me.

Since I was 16th in the midterms, I need to rank significantly higher to make it into the top 10.


"We need to be first."


"That's the safest and surest way."

Aten's eyes widened at my words.

Claiming the first place is not something easily said. There are incredibly talented students above me.

However, it's not impossible. Unlike the midterms, the finals are conducted in teams.

In the final exam's practical, the students took the exam in teams of three.

A team of three is the minimum number of people needed to carry out a mission when they become pros. It's the minimum number of people needed to check each other's conditions and divide themselves into vanguard, rear guard, and support.

And one of the three people must be a senior student. The two people who formed a team first can find a senior student and ask them to join, and if the senior student accepts, they can join the team. This is the 'scouting' that Aten mentioned.

Of course, everyone wants to team up with a skilled senior student, and the competition for them is fierce.

In other words, the exam starts before the written or practical exams of the final exams even begin.

Of course, since no points are awarded to senior students, if they do too well, they can take away points from their own team, so the important thing is balance.

We talked about this with Ellen in the practice room last time for the final exam.

It was finally time to conclude that discussion.

"Then, let's go."


We nodded our heads with determination.

* * *

Ellen listened to Aten and my story, blinked her calm eyes a few times, and said:

"That's impossible."

It was a very straightforward rejection.

I could see Aten next to me pouting in disappointment.

Then Ellen raised her hand.

"Oh, but don't get me wrong. I would have had to reject whoever had made the offer. I've been rejecting everyone, actually."


"I was just chosen as an intern."


I paused for a moment at the unfamiliar word and asked,

"Surely you don't mean you've become a pro intern?"

"Yeah. Internships themselves aren't allowed during school, but I have to train in advance."

I was definitely surprised.

Most people who graduate from Constel become pros and take on commissions.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for students to do internships starting when they are students in order to experience the work of a pro in advance.

However, that usually happens in the third year.

Ellen is only in her second year.

"...Hmm. I guess I can tell you two."

Ellen looked at Aten and me in turn and said,

"When Frondier and Renzo were fighting, I stepped in."

"...Oh, you did."

I blew off Renzo's right arm, but he still had one left.

I thought Renzo would lose his will to fight with one arm gone, but Renzo's mental strength was far beyond my expectations.

If Ellen hadn't stepped in then, I would have definitely died.

"I think Mr. Eden Hamelot thought well of that."

Oh, really.

Eden Hamelot, the number one pro. He was there at the time.

Ellen's performance had certainly been brought forward compared to the original game.

The fight with the golem controlled by Edwin, the move that made Renzo back down.

Unlike in the game, Ellen had already started to catch the public eye.

Is this the butterfly effect?

"So, you're working with Mr. Eden Hamelot?"

"Uh, well, yes. Just for the internship period."

"How long is the internship?"

"Until the end of summer vacation. During the school term, I'll only participate on weekends."

That duration should allow for a significant amount of experience to be gained.

"Congratulations, Ms. Ellen. You're stepping ahead."


When I said that, Ellen looked at me intently.

What's this?

It was a sincere compliment.

"......Um, thank you."

After a moment of silence, Ellen said that.

The face turning away from my gaze clearly didn't match the thanks given.

Suddenly, an announcement rang out.

[Frondier student, first-year Frondier de Roach student. Please come to the health office immediately.]

It was an unexpected announcement.

It was strange that it specifically mentioned me, and even more so to go to the health office.

Moreover, this voice was undoubtedly Malia's.

"......Then I'll go. Good luck with your internship."

"Yeah. You too."

After saying goodbye to Ellen, I left with Aten.

Ellen, awkwardly raising her hand, was a bit concerning.

Chapter 66.1: Scout (1) Part 1
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