After Michael finished practicing the Sun Soldier's Breathing technique, he took a quick bath in one of the temporary bathrooms that had been build next to the wooden manor.

He met up with Tiara afterward, and presented her the three Artifacts he had purchased for her.

"Because you already have Fenrir's silver spear, I think it would be better to purchase a few different types of Artifacts," Michael said as he handed the Artifacts over.

Tiara stared dumbfoundedly at the round-shield, the Plazarit Chestplate and the set of boots she was given. Her eyes began to quiver and she opened her mouth, but nothing except a puff of air escaped her lips.

"All three armaments are natural 3-Star Tier-1 Artifacts without enchantments. They'll increase your Agility, Endurance and Strength greatly!"

Michael left out the fact that these three Artifacts cost him six million dollar since they were natural Artifacts with great external enhancements, but that was not something Tiara had to know, in the first place.

The better Tiara's equipment, the higher her combat prowess. An increase in her combat prowess was equivalent to an increase of his military might. Of course, he would invest into that!

"M-master…I I cannot acc–..." Tiara began, but Michael had already lifted his hand to intercept her.

"You will accept the Artifacts, and you will bind them to your War Rune. Your survivability is important, whether it is as my Battle Maid, or as the commander of the territory's military!" He said in a serious tone that didn't allow objection.

Tiara lowered her head and nodded faintly, "As you command, Master!"

Michael raised an eyebrow at this, but he didn't say anything.

"Is the daily report already compiled?" He asked instead.

Tiara's head flicked upward and she nodded much more vigorously than before.

"The report should be done now," She said, turning around to dash away and pick up the daily report.

A minute later, she returned with a piece of paper in her hands.

Tiara handed Michael the daily report, which he read through within a few minutes.

Once he was done, a faint smile appeared on his face.

"A 1-Star Enchanter Novice finally emerged. That's great!"

Enchanter was a person who did exactly what the occupation's title suggested. They enchanted items, or created enchantment arrays such as the preservation enchantment array.

It was extremely expensive and time-consuming to train an Enchanter from scratch according to the information Michael had learned in high school, but that was mostly because the basics were hard to comprehend and quite confusing.

With an Enchanter Novice, one didn't have such a problem. Most Enchanter Novices had to pass a test before they were accepted as a Novice. Thus, Michael was quite lucky.

"Bring the 1-Star Enchanter to the temporary library for now. He should study as much as possible until I've procured a few blueprints, recipes and the necessary resources for him to start working," Michael ordered before he noticed something else, "There is also a 1-Star Botanist…that's also great. He can take care of the seeds I bought."

Michael fell deep into thoughts reading through the daily report.

His territory now had the Trio of Basic Lifestyle Occupations; an Alchemist, Blacksmith and Enchanter. Though they were all in the Apprentice, and Novice stage, he had purchased more than enough books, recipes, and blueprints for all of them to study.

The trio could be utilized greatly once they finished studying, which meant that Michael could now focus on gardening in the Untamed Jungle.

Initially, he purchased some Tierless seeds to test the fertility of the Untamed Jungle's soil since he was not adept with gardening and raising plants. But now that he had a Botanist, and a Gardener, Michael could change his approach a little.

He could start gardening mystic plants, valuable flowers, and all ordinary materials that were required by the Alchemist and Enchanter.

"Since everything grows much faster in the Origin Expanse, we should make detailed statistics to find out the fertility of the Untamed Jungle," Tiara proposed.

Michael agreed without a second thought. Everyone knew that the energy of the Origin Expanse allowed both monsters and plants to mature at a much faster rate. In fact, the energy of the Origin Expanse stimultated mutations as well. However, that was something the Botanist and Gardener would have to pay attention to when gardening.

'Thanks to the Water Elemental Mage we have more than enough water as well. She filled several huge barrels with water, good thinking.'

'The others found more fruits, Tiatcha Trees and Cacao trees. The trees were already moved to the temporary tree farm as well. Nice.'

Michael made mental comments and was satisfied with his team's progress as he read through the daily report. He made a few mental notes about the things he had to focus on, and what projects could be postponed.

Once he was done, he returned the daily report.

"I will make a priority list of construction protects that have to be completed. I brought a few blueprints back, and we will have to construct them sooner or later," For her next task, Michael told her to spend the next hour to bind the new Artifacts to her War Rune and adjust to the external enhancements they provide.

Tiara was a bit hesitant but returned to her room reluctantly.

Meanwhile, Michael's gaze roamed across his territory and inspected it. He was proud of the progress he and his subjects had achieved since he became a Lord.

His subjects had been given tasks that would keep them busy for several days before he had left the Origin Expanse to be at the graduation ceremony. That was also why everyone was already bustling even though it was still early in the morning.

It was almost as if his territory would never turn silent again.

Michael felt elated at this sight. Goosebumps spread all over his skin.

"Let's work hard to continue progressing as fast as possible!" He reminded himself in excitement before he went over to the Bilrox's hut.

Since Alice sent him several big boxes full of study materials, Michael decided to make use of them. He sat down next to the Bilrox hatchling's nest before he retrieved the first book.

Meanwhile, the Bilrox hatchlings chirped loudly, trying to attract his attention. They started to prick him with their beaks when he continued to ignore them, only to climb up on his lap and sleep when all attempts failed.

Michael was not disturbed by the sounds around him when he studied. As weird as it may seem, loud voices allowed him to focus more on the words written on the paper. He had to concentrate more on reading, which allowed him to enter a highly focused state.

This highly focused state allowed him to study much better.

The following four days passed in the blink of an eye. Michael focused on studying and playing with the Bilrox hatchlings, which were growing much faster than expected.

However, on the 4th day after his return, Michael left the Origin Expanse once again. He had to purchase a few things and sell the body parts of Monsters he had dissected.

In less than three hours he returned to the Origin Expanse.

However, what he didn't expect to have happened in the brief period he left the Origin Expanse was that Blaire Tracer returned from her exploration outside the territory.

She was out of breath and had crucial information in her hands, waiting to be delivered to him!

Chapter 78: Focused
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