The memories of the Gogi Lord filled his mind.

It felt like waves crashing down on him, revealing various pieces of information about the Gogi Lord's combat experience, his life in the territory, and the Gogis' homeworld.

The extracted memories were of much higher quantity compared to Fenrir's memories. However, the memories of a Heroic Summon were qualitatively on a much higher level than the memories of a Lord, who had entered the Origin Expanse less than half a year ago. That was inarguable.

But Michael was satisfied, either way. He had been a little confused as to why he didn't receive any Summoning Scroll Fragments or Summoning Scrolls when he extracted the Gogi Lord's body, but the Wisp of Memories had been quite helpful, so he didn't mind it too much.

'The Gogi Lord's memories proved Lilica's information to be correct. That's good.'

He had been a little uncertain about the credibility of the information provided by Lilica. Michael didn't know the Elven Leader of the EmeraldLeaf Adventurer team, and she could've provided wrong, or slightly tweaked information to him that would land him in trouble. Fortunately, that was not the case.

Now that he was alone and inside his territory, he could finally rest. Michael's entire body was still under massive pressure due to the energy share of the lizard mother and the Gogi Lord, but his War Rune was rapidly being refined. This resulted in a proportional increase in his body and mind's strength.

Thanks to that, Michael's body didn't seem like it was going to burst apart anymore. There was no need to keep using his Soultraits or infusing his Artifacts with untamed energy.

His Artifacts were retracted into the War Rune, and Michael retrieved the corpse of the Lizard body. His storage space seemed like it would crumble any moment since he had squeezed the Gogi Lord and the Lizard mother inside it without caring whether they fit inside or not.

The Gogi Lord was already four meters tall, and the Lizard mother hadn't been smaller either. She was three meters tall and seven meters long.

'How did they even fit inside, in the first place?' Michael wondered before he gave it a shrug.

Rather than wasting his time asking stupid questions, he could use extraction on the lizard corpse.


Ten minutes later, Michael had completed the extraction of the lizard's corpse. He had dissected her completely and stored everything possible inside his War Rune.

Afterward, he staggered back to the wooden manor before he crashed onto his bed. His mind was churning in the attempt to neatly absorb the memories of the Gogi Lord while his body endured the untamed energy inside him.

Michael was tired, and he didn't really care that it was only early afternoon.

'I still have the entire day for me to work tomorrow…I deserve some rest now that the Gogi Lord is dead…'

The moment he thought that exhaustion overtook him as his eyes felt heavy and his mind wanted to shut off. Michael was unable to escape his body's demand for rest and well-deserved sleep. The last few days had been too stressful, especially the last few hours.

He was only a Tierless Lord who had yet to get accustomed to the threats and pressure of the Origin Expanse.

One way or another, Michael was proud of himself. He had single-handedly removed a big threat while the protection barrier was still up and didn't lose a single subject. That was enough reason to be proud and satisfied.

Thus, Michael was able to sleep until the morning of the following day, feeling content with himself.

Dawn marked the beginning of his 8th day inside the Origin Expanse. Only 48 hours were left before the protection barrier would disappear, but Michael was not that worried anymore.

There were many tasks left to complete, yet Michael woke up with a calm heart.

The untamed energy inside him had been fully absorbed to increase the War Rune's degree of refinement, and the Gogi Lord's memories had also been completely digested.

Michael was full of vigor after sleeping for so long. He felt like he could move mountains!

'Now that the Gogi Lord is dead, we have to take care of the overpopulation of Tier-1 Monsters. Tiara and the three Warriors should be enough to tackle that though. If the monsters recognize us as the overlords of the territory, we'll be fine. They wouldn't attack us as long as they're not starving.' Michael concluded.

In the past week, he had learned quite a bit about the territorial behavior of the Monsters in the Origin Expanse. Just like no monster dared to enter the lizard cave, the monsters in the vicinity shouldn't be daring enough to get too close to his territory by now.

However, that was just Michael's assumption. He had to meet up with Tiara and the Warriors to prove the theory before he could adjust his plans accordingly.

Michael felt a little lazy today, but he understood that he couldn't stay in bed and do nothing. He had yet to return to the Gogi Lord's territory and use Extraction on more than 200 Gogi corpses.

Now that Extraction had been upgraded to a 3-Star Soultrait, Michael hoped that he would receive an average of 10 Summoning Scroll Fragments for every Tier-1 corpse. In addition, he would receive a Summoning Scroll every now and then.

That meant he might be able to expand the number of his subjects by 100 after today!

That thought provided him with enough motivation to jump out of bed and rush downstairs. He listened to the daily report, met up with Tiara and the warriors, and distributed the daily tasks. More treehouse complexes had to be constructed, and various necessities had to be provided if he would be able to turn the extraction of 200 Gogi corpses into 100 Summoning Scrolls.

To provide the required resources for the necessities, Michael dissected the monster that Tiara and the Warriors hunted the day before. They killed a total of 45 Tier-1 Monsters, which was a lot more than Michael expected according to the daily report he received.

Fewer monsters dared to approach the vicinity of his territory – the protection barrier, to be precise. It was just like Michael had theorized, which was great.

The loot he received from 45 monster corpses was far more than he initially expected. In total, he received three blueprints, nine Summoning Scrolls, and 459 Summoning Scroll Fragments.

Combined with the three Summoning Scrolls, 41 Summoning Scrolls Fragments he extracted from the lizard mother, and the daily Summoning Scroll of the Summoning Gate, Michael could summon 33 subjects!

Thus, he wasted no time and Michael summoned them at once. More helping hands were always welcome.

Out of the 33 summoned subjects, four were 1-Star Summons. There was one Cook, one Alchemist, a Librarian, and a Warrior. The rest were starless summons that were given tasks according to the territory's needs.

Meanwhile, 1-Star Summons were given the means to make use of their talent – if possible.

The Warrior was added to Tiara's group of Warriors, which was how Michael noticed for the first time that the other three Warriors had grown a bit stronger. They were ranked Low Tier-0 Warriors after advancing from the Lowest-grade!

In fact, Michael realized for the first time that his craftsmen and most of the older subjects had advanced from the Lowest grade to the Low grade! They worked so hard that their refinement degree progressed at a monstrous speed!

'Working hard allows Summons to absorb more dormant energy, I know…but isn't that too fast?' Michael wondered.

He knew that Warriors absorbed more energy from killing Monsters and that Summons with occupations amplified the absorption of energy by doing tasks in accordance with their occupation, but that didn't explain how 14 Starless Summons were able to reach the Low refinement degree.

'Did they practice the Sun Soldier's Breathing, or had they attained enlightenment somehow? No…enlightenment is not that easy to attain…'

Michael was baffled but he shook his head to dispel the doubts in his mind. He could think about the reason for his subject's fast growth once he collected more information. He would put his brain to much better use by focusing on other tasks to complete for the time being.

Thus, he stored some meat and Tiatcha in his War Rune and left the protection of his territory.

On his way to the Gogi Lord's territory, Michael took a look at the remaining objects he obtained from extracting the lizard mother's corpse.

He ignored the scales, and meat, and focused on the two pieces of paper he had obtained. Michael retrieved them from the War Rune and took a proper look at them.

"A forging blueprint with detailed steps to follow. Even a Blacksmith Apprentice should be able to forge the Blade," Michael mumbled to himself before he noticed something written down at the bottom of the blueprint, "It can easily cut through the hide of High Tier-1 Monsters and is highly durable…that's amazing!"

The forging blueprint was already amazing, so Michael's expectations were a tad bit higher for the other piece of paper in his hand.

However, what he saw confused him more than he expected.

'Isn't that…'

Chapter 49: Loot
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