Overgeared (WN KR)
Overgeared (WN KR)

Overgeared (WN KR)

Temppal (템빨)

2059 Chapters 19.8M Views 11.9K Bookmarked Completed Status

Overgeared (WN KR) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Park Saenal. 2059 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.

Brief Overview

The basis of this novel is a virtual reality game called Satisfy, developed by the world’s top genius scientist Lim Cheolho and world-class scientists.

The main character is timid, flaky, selfish, cares about money and easily feels jealous of others. Because the author set up the character in this way, the story was difficult for the readers to read.

But as the main character encounters various people and geniuses, he internally matures and his personality changes. If the main character is described as cancerous early on, at present he can be called a mature adult. However, those who don’t read beyond the early parts of the 5th volume (~ chapter 90) find it hard to believe.

The basic settings and story line are similar to other VR novels, but the praiseworthy thing is the content development. The early parts aren’t much different from rival novels, but the novel rating has exceeded the market average in recent years due to the writer’s growth.

Like other novels, it contains a munchkin element, but it is different from typical munchkins. In the early stages, the game progresses with the main character using his class of a legendary blacksmith. The main character expands the game content and the level of the existing users dramatically increase. Hidden talents, new players in the official rankings, classes that could break the balance, all of this makes the main character’s one-man show impossible. The main character grows internally and externally while competing with others.

In fact, if you compare the simple and ignorant battle method in the beginning to his abilities in the present time, it is possible to feel such a sense of distance that he doesn’t seem like the same character.

As for the evaluation of the work, the criticism was severe in the beginning, but the popularity increased rapidly after that. As described above, the improvement in the author’s writing and the growth of the main character led to rapid changes in the comments. However, the main character’s selfish and frustrating behaviour caused many readers to stop reading in the beginning. For the readers who have gone beyond the beginning, it is a tragedy that seems really pitiful.

Currently, its popularity is increasing and a webtoon was recently released. However, there are many criticisms of the webtoon due to the various changes made



As Shin Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy!

However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, ‘Grid’, would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary class player…

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  • I_am_Just_a_reader 1

    I heard it is better than manhwa how much better ? Because I really didn't read manhwa at some point But if this is a lot better than manhwa .. Why not reading it ? So ... How much better than manhwa it is ? Or it is in the level of manhwa ?

    • kurukurukururin 5

      soooo much better... just go for it...

      • I_am_Just_a_reader 1

        Hmmmm is that so Ok I'll try it later I hope it is really really better than manhwa

  • Seolw 7

    2000 chapters haha

  • Geege 3

    Although it got bad towards the end. It is a great novel especially if your new to the genre. I would recommend the legendary mechanic next for anyone interested. Now that takes it to a whole nother level in terms of quality.

    • JonnyThePear 13

      I honestly read the leg mechanic awhile ago and after the reset I forgot my place and it felt way to repetitive idk it was alright tho

    • Ice37f 1

      I've read the legendary mechanic 2x it's great

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  • Dictatorias 18

    Is complete... Finally

  • Yasuzed 2

    Anyone can tell me if they gain the vr powers in the real world as well?

    • Ashinoki 7

      He can suddenly do 200 pushups just from lying in that capsule, so yeah kind of

  • Adcium 13

    And so, it ended. Was the ending the best? Not really. Was the ride entertaining? Mostly. Have fun, and take the time to try it. It's at least better than 90% of what's on this website.

  • BeanRoster 7

    I wonder if the novel will be of the MC having powefull items with no skill that leads him to get undesirved victories or will the MC have genuine skills that will make the novel interesting?

    • Scribe980 2

      Initially he only has powerful items and almost no skills/proficiencies, but as the story progresses he begins to practice his skills. (I don't remember when this started to change, but I know it was after the first National Satisfy Competition, whether it was shortly after that or much later, I don't remember)

      • venca 1

        If my brain is still working it started when he recruited piaro and got his estate in the desert

  • Mercuryy 7

    I need some honest evaluation on how bad the harem gets here, like is it an important part of the story, how many harem members, is it an insanely oblivious Mc regarding romance/his harem members? Please I wanna read a nice long novel without romantically oblivious Mc for once😭😭

    • Duin 23

      Not very bad. No points for the story, only a fan service to the ending. Was the same as the SCO Gluyony.

      • Mercuryy 7

        Ah ffs I’m coming from TSCOGluttony and Seol being as romantically dense as he was got insanely on my nerves

  • Killua 18

    Oh it's completed! 🥲 What a long journey...🙂‍↕️

  • jojolan6446 2

    The fact that the author wrote for 11 days or 4015 days approx means that he released 1.9 or 2 chapters approx per day