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Chapter 97: Lionheart Leader

Michael's plan had worked out much better than expected. The Lionhearts facing the Starless Summons were dead, and so was the group of 12 Lionhearts that had been focused on the destruction of the Untamed Jungle and his territory.

However, the fight was not yet over. On the contrary, it had just begun!

While fighting the other Lionhearts, Michael sensed two more Links of Loyalty getting cut. Two of his strongest Warriors died, igniting the blazing hatred deep inside Michael.

He wished that he was faster and stronger even though he had just advanced to the 1st Tier. Unfortunately, becoming stronger was not something he could achieve with a snap of his finger and wishful thinking.

It required time and effort.

Facing a group of slightly more than 40 Lionhearts was not easy for him, or his subjects. The Lionhearts were Tier-1 Adventurers with innate fire affinity, owned Artifacts to enhance their strength externally, and a Soultrait that may or may not increase their combat prowess even further.

The first dozen Lionhearts hadn't been much of a problem to deal with, but Michael could tell that the situation was different on Tiara's end.

Only eight Lionhearts were left on the battlefield, but none of them was below Mid Tier-1. The Lionhearts' Leader was a Peak Tier-1 Adventurer with several powerful Artifacts, strong fire affinity, and a combat-related Soultrait.

Michael was not sure what the Soultrait of the Lionheart Leader was but he noticed that one of his Warriors fighting the Lionheart Leader collapsed to the ground suddenly. Through the Eagle Eyes, Michael could see that only the white in the Warrior's eyes was left.

It was almost as if an impact on his head caused him to lose consciousness.

A second after the Warrior struck the ground, blazing flames engulfed him. No scream escaped the unconscious Warrior's lips, but his body reacted instinctively to the searing hot flames that burned his skin and the flesh beneath his armor within seconds.

The Warrior twitched violently but that was all he could do.

The smell of burned flesh entered Michael's nose and his eyes turned bloodshot at the sight of the burning Warrior. In the next moment, the Hardwood Bow creaked loudly. Cracks formed on the bow frame as Michael's grip tightened around the Hardwood Bow, almost turning his knuckles white.

In the next moment, the Hardwood Bow and the Return Arrow turned into white wisps that shot back inside the War Rune. Simultaneously, Tigerfang manifested in his hand as he dashed forward.

Michael turned into a cannonball the moment he strode forward. Kelia Tan waved her wand and manifested a wall of water in front of Michael. He ran through it and felt the water wall embracing him like a second skin.

The water cooled down his skin and mind, allowing him to regain his senses. Michael's gaze drifted to the burning Warrior. Kelia had already acted, extinguishing the flames engulfing the Warrior.

His skin was charred, and his flesh was exposed but he was still breathing, even if it was just faintly. A fellow Warrior shot toward his comrade. He removed the lid of the vial containing a potion he held in his left hand and poured down the content into the mouth of his injured comrade.

Afterward, he charged at the Lionheart Leader. However, the Leader didn't pay much attention to the Warrior. He looked at the Warrior only for a moment, but that was enough.

The young Warrior lost consciousness and slumped to the ground the next second. Only the white in his eyes could be seen.

Flames conjured around the young Warrior, but they dispersed in all directions when several arrows, bolts, and a water bullet approached the Lionheart Leader rapidly.

A small shield of flames was conjured around the Lionheart Leader at once, blocking the projectiles easily.

However, what the Lionheart Leader didn't expect to see was a human approaching him rapidly.

Until now, only the woman of the Tigerfolk had been fast and powerful. She was the only Tier-1 enemy he had faced. It was a shame because the fights until now had been boring for him.

Thankfully, that was about to change.

Michael's upper body leaned forward, nearly touching the ground as he appeared next to the Lionheart Leader. He found a small gap beneath the small fire shield and used it to appear right next to the Lionheart Leader.

The Leader wasn't vigilant, and Michael intended to use this arrogance against him. He wanted to kill the Lionheart Leader with a single strike.

However, before he could swing Tigerfang, Michael felt the Lionheart Leader's eyes pierce through him. The moment the Lionheart Leader laid his eyes on Michael, he felt as if something heavy lashed out at him. It felt like someone was whipping him…just that his mind was getting whipped.

The whip was extremely powerful, and it nearly knocked Michael out after a single lash. His sight blurred and his movements turned sluggish.

The next thing Michael recalled were blazing flames swirling around him, and a shortsword cleaving down at him.

Despite feeling like his head was mush, Michael forced his body to move. He dived to the side and rolled over the ground to jump up quickly and evade the attack.

The Lionheart Leader wanted to dash behind him, but a volley of arrows and bolts restrained his advance. Only the blazing flames continued their pursuit of his target.

This gave him a second to clear his head and focus on the surroundings. The next second, Michael jumped up from the ground and slashed into the flames. He cut them and backed off a little.

He saw Tiara from the corner of his eye, fighting another Lionheart whose sword and boots were shrouded in a white aura. The Lionheart was nearly as strong as their Leader being at the Late stage of the 1st Tier. His fire affinity was also powerful, just like the Leader's flames. However, his Soultrait didn't seem to be that powerful.

'Artifact Enhancement?' Michael wondered for a moment before he was pulled back to reality. The Lionheart Leader appeared in front of him with whips of flames circulating around him. However, instead of whipping Michael's body with the flame whips, his mind was whipped once again.

Michael's sight blurred once again and blood began to ooze out of his nose, but he planted his feet firmly on the ground. He used every bit of willpower to not succumb to the pain tormenting his head.

'A Mind Whip? Is that his Soultrait? What a fucking scam…' Michael cursed in his mind as he wiped his bloody nose.

He clenched his fists and grasped Tigerfang tightly. Staring at the Lionheart Leader, whose mane had been ignited, Michael felt an indomitable threat towering above him.

His mind told him to retreat and tire out the Lionheart Leader with the help of his people. They were at a numerical advantage and could slowly wear down the Leader.

However, that meant his people would have to continue sacrificing their lives.

Michael didn't want that to happen.

He couldn't allow his subjects to die while he was still standing strong.

He had yet to be injured physically!

Seeing that Michael was still standing straight, the Lionheart Leader dashed forward.

The Leader's speed was terrifying. He left behind trails of flames on the ground and appeared in front of Michael in an instant, cleaving down with his shortsword.

However, as the Lionheart Leader cleaved down, the situation all over the battlefield changed at once.

It was almost as if the Lionheart Leader's attack was a sign.

The corner of Michael's lip curled upward.

'Thank you very much for your patronage, you fucking idiot!'

Then he closed his eyes.

Chapter 97: Lionheart Leader
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