Reincarnation Paradise
Chapter 799: peer

The pulse continued to be released dozens of times before stopping, and the soldiers within dozens of meters around Su Xiao died out, and the smell of blood poured out of his nose.


A palm-sized drone swept over Su Xiao at high speed, Su Xiao held the Chopper Flash and slashed at the air, light blue blade flying out.

The speed of the small drone was fast, but the speed of the blade aura was even faster, directly chopping the drone into two pieces, the broken drone crashed down and stuck into the soil.

"Brother, the 'T3K-Great Dragonfly' is very expensive, it's a pity that it was chopped up by you with such a slash, it's a pity that this kind of neural reflex speed, it should be strengthened at least three times or more."

A bald, burly man in a black leather jacket walked over, at least hundreds of mechanical bees hovered near him.

"To introduce myself, my name is Lan Jue, and in every sense of the word, we are the same kind of people."

Lan Jue looked at Su Xiao with a smile on his face.

"The same kind of people?"

Su Xiao sensed Lan Jue's aura, and indeed, the other party's aura was different from any contractors he had ever seen.

"Yes, the same kind of person, my side is called the Purge Envoy."

Lan Jue paused when he said this, seemingly waiting for something.

After a few moments, Lan Jue asked tentatively, "Did you just hear what I said?"

Su Xiao raised an eyebrow and eventually nodded.

"Sure enough, talking to the same kind of people is just smooth and not blocked.

The smile on Lan Jue's face was even more obvious, and he even reached out and touched his bald head, if it wasn't for the hundreds of mechanical bees hovering around him, this scene would make people think that he was here to befriend Su Xiao.

"Unfortunately, we're not helping out the same place, but then again, people like us shouldn't be treated well anywhere, we can't team up with other contractors, we can't work with others too many times, and we have to clean up that bullshit anomalies, those ghosts have a thousand different abilities, I've encountered a guy who fought with his own organs, it was disgusting as hell. "

Lan Jue chattered like a chatterbox, however it was in the past, he rarely talked this much to others, especially if both sides were hostile.

Lan Jue was the Purge Envoy of the Apocalypse Paradise, which was the equivalent of the Reincarnation Paradise's hunters and killers, responsible for cleaning up those contracted individuals who had violated taboos.

"As fate would have it, what you get you also pay for, it's fair."

Su Xiao didn't strike immediately, he hadn't seen a hunter-killer from the same camp, let alone a hunter-killer from another paradise, whether there were other hunters in the Reincarnation Paradise was not known, but the probability was that there were other hunters, just that the number was sparse, and one hunter-killer in a derivation world would be enough, and the chances of encountering other hunter-killers within the derivation world was very small.

This time, Su Xiao actually encountered a hunter-killer from the Apocalypse Paradise, and he wanted to get some useful information from the other party.

"Perhaps you're right, it's fate, although the Purge Envoy is a bad identity, the level of danger is several times or even dozens of times that of an ordinary Contractor, but the speed of getting stronger is much faster. "

Lan Jue threw out a mechanical beetle, the mechanical beetle was about the size of a sparrow, this mechanical beetle emitted red rays from its eyes.

"Oh? Four attributes developing at the same time? Not a small ambition."

Needless to say, Lan Jue was probing Su Xiao's information, and the Apostle's Eye beside Su Xiao was similarly probing the other party.

[Comparing the intelligence attributes of both sides... comparison is complete, our intelligence is 0.945 times that of the enemy, and we have obtained 29% of the enemy's information.]

The information is as follows

Name: Lan Jue

Category: Human

Life Value: 100%

Mana: 1610/1700

Power: 33

Agility: 72

Physical Strength: 67

Intelligence: 73

Charisma: 10

Scouted Skill 1: Mechanical Heart (Active Lv. 32), can transform insect-like creatures into mechanical summoning creatures.

Lv.10 Additional Ability: secondary activation.

Lv.20 additional ability: mechanical creature remote control.

Lv.30 Additional Ability: Mechanical Bio-Detonation.

Scouted Skill 2: Master Summoner (Passive Lv.30), Increases the Strength, Agility, and Stamina attributes of the summoned object by 20%, and the summoning speed is increased significantly.

Lv.10 Additional Ability: multiple summoning.

Lv.20 Additional Ability: Super Multiple Summoning.

Lv.30 Additional Ability: Summon Fusion Technique.


Seeing this information, it was immediately clear to Su Xiao that the enemy was not easy to deal with, the opponent was developing all three attributes at the same time, agility and physical strength to ensure survivability and a certain amount of melee ability, and the intelligence attribute to increase the number of summons, strength, and time of existence.

The opponent's profession is very special, in general terms, it is a mechanical summoner, able to transform all insect-like creatures into summons and summon them during battle, moreover, the opponent's summoning basic skill is master level, how strong is the basic ability of the master level, Su Xiao knows only too well.

Thinking about it, the other party is the hunter of the Apocalypse Paradise, with the degree of danger of the hunter with the speed of growth, it is impossible to be weak, weak hunters have long been eliminated.

Overall, Lan Jue is a survivability powerful long-range summoner, and the other party brought a high-tech items, excluding the point of summons, the other party's long-range firepower should not be weak.

Both sides will understand each other's ability before the war, Su Xiao can not probe the full information of Lan Jue, as for the other side to probe how much information is unknown.

"Melee? I was wondering, when I saw you before, my instincts kept urging me to stay away from you, this ability called Cyan Steel Shadow is simply so strong that it makes people's eyes red, it seems that the occupation you got is also very good."

Lan Jue moved his shoulders, he didn't take the opportunity to summon mechanical creatures, there was no need for that kind of thing, compared to other summoners, he summoned mechanical creatures in just a split second.

Su Xiao didn't say anything, he was considering how to approach the other party, there were too many mechanical bees near the other party, there were hundreds of them, if these mechanical bees exploded at the same time, the counterattack shield would probably not be able to carry it.

If you can't fight hard, you can only take advantage of the situation, first of all, you have to lure away the mechanical bees near the other party, or directly detonate these mechanical bees.

Just as Su Xiao was considering his battle strategy.

"If the direction of development of ordinary contractors is inclined to deal with plot characters or besiege elite creatures, then our direction of development is person to person, in the words of the game, ordinary contractors are PVE, we are PVP, fighting with you, I'm looking forward to it."

Lan Jue hadn't spoken so much to an enemy in a long time, usually when he fought others, he would just release his summons and cover with them. After that, he would pierce the enemy with a killer weapon, today, when he saw Su Xiao, who was also a hunter, he inevitably talked more.

"This is the end of the small talk, I'm not sure what's going on on your side, I've got a mandatory mission on my side, only one of us can live before this world ends."

Lan Jue stated his purpose of coming here, to split life and death with Su Xiao.

Now that Reincarnation Paradise was at war with Apocalypse Paradise, it was normal for Su Xiao, as a hunter of Reincarnation Paradise, to be targeted by the enemy paradise, after all, he was helping Reincarnation Paradise to clean up those rule-breaking contracted persons.

On the noisy battlefield, Su Xiao and Lan Jue confronted each other about twenty meters apart, surrounded by large swathes of corpses, and even further away were soldiers who were fighting together.

"Then...let's begin, enemy homunculus."

Su Xiao took a long breath, Lan Jue was strong, the bad thing was that he wasn't in a good condition having just rested for a few moments, if Su Xiao's fighting strength at his full strength was 10, it would be around 8 right now.

"Your condition shouldn't be very good, don't say I'm mean, I've waited two hours for this, it's tactical."

Lan Jue discovered Su Xiao's whereabouts at the beginning of the war, he hadn't made a move, he was waiting for Su Xiao to consume his strength, before Su Xiao disappeared for a period of time, and after he reappeared, Lan Jue chose to make a move, he was afraid that Su Xiao would hide in the imperial army and not show up again.

The battle of the hunter-killers was imminent, it was a battle between two master killers.

Chapter 799: peer
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